Organ Donation and Religion

There is no religious objection to organ donation. Most major religions approve and support organ donation.

On this issue; The Presidency of Religious Affairs, Religious Affairs High Council, announced that organ transplantation is permissible with its decision dated 3.3.1980 and numbered 396/13.

In this decision;

The existence of a state of necessity, in other words, the professional qualification that there is no other solution to save the patient's life or a vital organ,

There must be a doctor's decision that the disease will be treated this way,

The person whose tissue or organ will be taken must be dead at the time this procedure is performed,

The person whose organ or tissue will be taken must have given permission for this while they were alive or the consent of their relatives must be obtained, provided that they did not make a statement to the contrary while they were alive,

No fee should be charged for the organ or tissue to be taken,

The patient who will be treated must also agree to this transplant. Again, in the same decision, it is stated that 'the person you will donate your organ to is responsible for the good and bad deeds they have done.'

Again, it is stated in the Quran that 'whoever gives life to a human being will have a reward as if he had given life to all mankind' (Surah Al-Maidah, verse 32).




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